2001 Kawasaki ZR7S
The Bike That Returned Me to Riding

After a 12 year hiatus from riding, I decided to get back into the sport. I started with an inexpensive, mildly powered Kawasaki ZR-7S. The bikini faired, "naked" bike was exactly what I needed to get back into the sport. Decently quick, good looking, and reliable, it got me hooked on an obsession that continues today. I don't have many pictures of the bike, and the few I have are of a particular modification I made to the bike. I ended up selling the bike a few months after I bought it. I realized that I wanted a bigger, more powerful mount to take extended rides on. The ZR-7S was a great city bike, but it wasn't the greatest touring bike. I sold the bike for $5000.
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