2002 Kawasaki KLR 650
Never Sell A KLR!

What sort of bike do you buy when you have a fantastic sport touring bike like the FJR1300? You buy a dual sport thumper of course! The KLR gives me a lightweight, flickable, fun bike to ride on my work commute and down an occasional dirt or gravel road. Not only does it sip fuel, it has very little plastic to damage should I do something stupid, it's easy to keep clean, and parts are plentiful thanks to the KLR's long production run.

I bought my KLR used with several aftermarket parts already bolted on. A Big Gun full exhaust system, Acerbis hand guards, heavy duty bash plate, and carbon fiber seat cover. The KLR also features a custom paint scheme in lieu of the stock olive drab green. It's a little too "pretty" for off road excursions, but something tells me I'll be hammering a trail with it a time or two.


After riding the KLR to a friend's house, he offered to trade me a 1974 BMW R60/6 (along with a check) for my KLR. Having owned two BMWs prior to the KLR, I had developed a respect for both the brand and the people who ride them. I was also Secretary of my local BMW club, yet I didn't own a BMW. I decided to make the trade. The KLR now lives in another garage. I'll miss it...
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