1995 Ducati Monster 900
Pure Moto Lust

When it comes to motorcycles, there is no other make that stirs the soul quite like Ducati. The beautiful Italian sound, light weight, quick handling, and throbbing 90 degree L-twin make it one of the most visceral motorcycles in the world.  There is nothing particularly fancy about the Monster, yet it exudes character. It’s not the fastest bike, the best handling bike, or the most maintenance free, yet something has always attracted me to Ducati. When I got the opportunity to buy this bike, I jumped on it. The previous owner had bolted on some goodies, and taken good care of the bike. This gave me a great platform for adding an Ohlins shock, Cycle Cat frame sliders, Afam 41 tooth rear sprocket, Keihin FCR flat slide racing carbs,  Napoleon bar end mirrors, a headlight fairing, and a few other goodies.

The bike is a real pleasure to ride…for short distances. At 6’5”, I’m a little big for the “Monster”. Maybe it’s me who is  the monster. A true Beauty and the Beast! HA!

I sold the Monster in an attempt to get a motorcycle my wife and I could both enjoy…a Goldwing. I was sad to see it go. Probably the most emotionally attached I’ve ever been to a motorcycle.
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