2002 BMW 1150RT
I Loved This Bike

My first BMW motorcycle was a 2002 BMW R1150RT. While it had it's quirks like any other motorcycle, it was an excellent motorcycle that I enjoyed a great deal.  I'd probably still be riding it had I not fell victim to the infamous Cherohala Skyway. I came into a corner too hot and made a rookie mistake. I target fixed on the side of the road and ended up letting my tires hit the gravel while leaned over. I slid 150ft down the road, got up, and walked away thanks to having quality riding gear. Never ride without proper gear!

The crash caused $10,000 damage to the motorcycle. I traded the crashed bike and the insurance money for my GS, but it was brought back to life after a gentleman bought the crashed bike from the dealer and repaired it. I got a chance to see it later, and it looked nearly as good as new.
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