1974 BMW R60/6
Vintage Beauty

I'm still trying to figure out what it is about this old antique that attracts me to it. It's not really my sort of bike. It's dangerously underpowered, has brakes that feel like two wooden blocks squeezing the front tire, and beauty is not it's strong point. But for some reason, the little BMW is a blast to ride. This bike doesn't behave like a modern motorcycle. You have to ride at a very deliberate pace, and plan actions well ahead of time. Handling isn't bad  thanks to the low center of gravity afforded by the 600cc BMW boxer twin, but don't plan any high speed overtaking maneuvers or short stops. You'll quickly find out you are on the wrong bike.

The R60/6 may not be a powerhouse, but it is the model of simplicity. Most things can be fixed on the side of the road, and thanks to the lack of stress placed on the drivetrain, the bike is nearly bulletproof. Once it gets up to highway speeds, it's capable of running there all day. 80mph cruising on the interstate is extremely comfortable, and the 2 valve boxer motor defines smoothness. Adding to it's touring ability is a thickly padded seat and 50mpg fuel economy.  Complete with original BMW Krauser bags, the R60/6 is a great lightweight tourer.

I've always had the unique ability to see inner beauty. My ability must be at it's peak, because it turns out the R60/6 is beautiful afterall.
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